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Krav Maga Ground\Jiu Jitsu St. Louis

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu St. Louis

Krav Maga Ground Fighting\Jiu Jitsu St. Louis

Jiu Jitsu involves an array of techniques available from Guard, Half Guard and Mount, including strikes, joint locks, Judo throws, submission holds, pins, and pressure points in order to deal with and control any situation on the ground. If you’re looking for Jiu Jitsu Ground Fighting in St. Louis, XKM is the place for you!

Taught by Krav Maga Black Belt – Steve Sulze and Pro MMA Fighter Danny O’Connor (No-Gi grappling-MMA training.)

45 Minutes of drils and technique plus 15 Minutes of Open Mat Wrestling\Rolling

Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was made famous by Royce Gracie in the first Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) and to this day is used by all mixed martial arts fighters. Jiu Jitsu is also used in self defense, grappling tournaments and by law enforcement and military personnel.

Jiu-Jitsu, which means gentle art is the oldest form of martial art. Techniques are designed so that a smaller person can defend themselves against a larger attacker using leverage and submission holds.

This allows people of all ages and athletic ability to train in Krav Maga Ground Fighting\Jiu Jitsu.

Whether you want to compete in mixed martial arts or grappling tournaments, want to get in to shape or want to walk with confidence knowing you can defend yourself in any situation, Krav Maga Ground Fighting\Jiu Jitsu is for you.

  • The most effective ground fighting system ever developed
  • Integrated with Krav Maga Self Defense
  • Developed through years of reality fighting and testing
  • Extremely effective for everyone; regardless of size and strength
  • Rapidly becoming one of the fastest growing martial sports
  • Street proven self-defense techniques
  • Safe and effective techniques designed to subdue your opponent without permanent injury



Krav Maga Ground Fighting

Gracie Jiu Jitsu Ground - Xtreme Krav Maga St. Louis Gracie Brazilian Jiu JItsu - Xtreme Krav Maga St. Louis Gracie Jiu Jitsu - Xtreme Krav Maga St. Louis

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