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Active Shooter\Killer Neutralization Training

Active Shooter\Killer Neutralization Training

“An incident in which an individual actively engages in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area.”

– Dept. of Homeland Security

This unforgettable, intense and FUN training, you will learn how to deal with an armed assailant who is actively shooting in various environments. Know when to run, hide, barricade or fight back.

Learn how to construct a survival mindset, work within confined areas, evade and barricade, take down attackers from various angles, deal with first responders, and much more.

In light of all the tragic shooting incidents, we at XKM feel that it is important to offer this potentially life-saving training to our community. 


Our certified expert team will come to your business, develop a plan, train your staff and help implement.

  • Site Survey, Communication, Mindset, Awareness, Prevention
  • Threat Response: Run . Hide . Fight – Plan Development
  • Personal Weapons, Combatives & Self Defense
  • Handgun Defenses
  • Long Gun Defenses
  • 3rd Party & Hostage
  • First-Aid\Medical
  • Drills and Scenarios




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