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Omar Torres – XKM Instructor

Omar Torres – Expert 1 Instructor

I moved to St. Louis from Puerto Rico in 2011, for a job in manufacturing. There I did about three years of kickboxing but couldn’t find a gym I liked in Missouri.

In February 2015, my wife and I were talking about martial arts and how we wanted to find a really practical style of self-defense, not something for competitions or to look pretty. We had heard of Krav Maga before, so we Googled it and found Xtreme Krav Maga. After out trial class the very next morning we signed up and have been doing it ever since!

We’re officially addicted to Krav and am there for at least six or seven hours each week. I sign up for every weekend workshop they scheduled, including Active Shooter Neutralization, Car Jacking, Home Invasion, and more. I even bought a training knife and gun to practice with my wife at home. I did so many sneak attacks with them that she has now hidden them from me!

There are so many things I love about Xtreme Krav Maga. From Day 1, you walk into class and start hands-on training, learning how to defend against being choked, gun and knife attacks, multiple attackers, and so on. It’s so real, so practical, that I know I could use it in real life. Plus it’s a great workout!

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Krav Maga Worldwide – Expert 1 Certified

I have been taking krav classes from Omar for over a year. Omar always finds the right balance between encouragement and constructive criticism to help you improve without feeling self conscious.

His classes provide a good mix of intense training with some fun, and he is excellent at coaching people of all skill levels based on their individual needs.

There’s always something new to learn or improve, and you’ll never have a chance to get bored with a routine.

Beth Morrey

KM Level 2 Student

Omar always comes to class ready to train hard. He presents a good mix of low level and high level techniques in class.

His drills enforce what we have been learning and help you see how the techniques can be applied in the real world.

His enthusiasm for Krav and teaching makes me look forward to his class each week.

Ben Harster

KM Level 2 Student

Every opportunity to train with Omar is well worth the time and effort.

As expected with any instructor, he is extremely knowledgeable but Omar goes above and beyond to work with his students.

He really takes the time to explain the techniques and makes sure everyone is implementing them properly.

Omar’s classes are high energy and he will help make your best even better…guaranteed.

Allison Raskin

KM Level 2 Student

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