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Josh Roddy – XKM Instructor

Josh Roddy – Phase C Instructor

Hi I’m Josh Roddy and I was suppose to provide a bio 4 years ago and still have not written one.  So Steve is going to write one until then……
I like to wear my cow boy hat with Krav shorts and cow boy boots, I am an ambitious entrepreneur and real estate investor, and love teaching people Krav Maga and helping them get in better shape with physical fitness because that reward is priceless!
Favorite beer: Stag 🙁
Nickname: Hot Roddy
Also cowboys butts, drive me nuts!!
Classes Taught: Krav Maga, Xtreme Fitness
Krav Maga Worldwide – Phase C Certified


My husband and I joined XKM in February of 2017. Josh was one of the first instructors we met. I liked his fire, drive and down to earth spirit from the moment I met him.

I was apprehensive about the Krav Maga and at first solely wanted to experience the fitness side of things. Josh always made the fitness workout tough and would incorporate basic combatives which built my confidence and sparked an interest to learn more.

Today, though still a bit timid, I am pursuing the self defense as well as the fitness, thanks to Josh. His workouts are some of my favorites (ie. 12 days and deck of cards which is 105 reps!!!).

This grandmother of two is grateful for the challenge that Josh provides as an instructor.

Lori McClanahan

Fitness Member

I started at Xtreme Krav Maga in April of 2017, I really enjoy the Noon classes with Josh he pushes you, keeps you going when the drills are intense.

I wrestled in high school and that was fun and challenging, but this is so much better!  The training is realistic, challenging and the instructors and members are awesome. Im really liking it, and looking forward to continuing my training!

Brett Holmes

KML1 Student

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