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Heidi McMahon

Heidi McMahon – Gym Manager

Heidi McMahon

Gym Manager and Front Desk Member Coordinator

Heidi started at XKM in February of 2014 and has been a great asset to the team ever since.  You will find her at the front desk Monday – Thursday holding down the fort, and keeping things in order.  Heidi fills in as the “big cheese” when gym owner Steve Sulze is out of town.

Be sure to say “Hi” when you check in and cruise by the front desk!





Heidi is always friendly and eager to help.  She greets everyone as they walk in at the front desk and is always supportive of our fitness goals.

Anything that you need she will take care of you!

Michelle Keller

Fitness Member

Heidi is so outgoing and personable!  

She’s helpful and makes you feel comfortable and right at home even on Day 1!  She was able to get me fitted for all of my gear and a new tank top!

Thanks for that.

Kaitlyn Seelhofer

Fitness Member

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